As a child I always knew there was something not right.  What I was told and what I perceived were two entirely different things.  As we are faced with the possibility of a new kind of fascism from both sides of the political spectrum and we feel there is nowhere to turn, there is only one way to find truth and balance and that is within ourselves.

This tale is told through the eyes of a child who read 1984 for the first time, and its unforeseen power to become a self fulfilling prophecy within our collective unconscious.  As dark as everything becomes around us, we can never forget the child within us which always reminds us of the light at the end of the tunnel.  It’s about a birth of some kind, living in some sort of dream and floating through history as told through the eyes, the screams, the blood of the oppressed.  And ultimately the strength that is within us all to overcome this failed system, and the birth of a new world, a world where cooperation and compassion and love will be the building blocks for our future.

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